Bright Side Events

Multi-purpose wedding and event planning, aimed to fulfill any need on the big day of your event. 


Welcome to the Bright Side! My name is Melissa Juergens, owner of Bright Side Events. I am a natural planner, it has always been a part of who I am. I have always had a knack for coordinating events of all shapes and sizes, adding in my own twist and flare to make them into the perfect party. I am the person you think of after your event who you were able to fall back on when it came to your events stressors, to put your mind at ease, and have a little fun on your day. Whether it be a small, intimate party, or a large, over the top wedding, Bright Side Events is the planner for you if you want your day to stay bright. 


A few things about myself: 

  • I am slightly obsessed with pugs- their cute squishy faces just get me! 
  • I'm a hugger
  • My favorite food is sushi 
  • Coffee addict  
  • Favorite place to escape to? Lake Chelan! 
  • Lists are my favorite, and I have about seven different ones going at all times 
  • Sunflowers are the best kind of flowers
  • My closet is color coordinated (yes, I am that person)
  • My guilty pleasure? Reality TV  
  • Valentine's Day is my favorite "holiday"

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